Laser tattoo removal not working on part of tattoo

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  • 4 years ago

I've just completed session 6 of laser tattoo removal. The ankle tattoo was about 1 1/2 inches in diameter. So far, about 70-80% of the black, red, and blueish/green ink has faded. There is one part, however, that has not faded at all. It is black, and the ink must be pretty deep since it is not responding. The area is a smallish dot, but it is so dark that it draws attention to the tattoo. My doctor has used both the Yag and Ruby lasers on it. Any suggestions for other things we could try?

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Black tattoos are typically the easiest to remove, but you are right, if it is layered and deep and can require multiple treatments. There is a new method called the R20 method which allows physicians to re treat the tattoo again in 20 minutes. This can be performed 3-4 times at one session and allows for greater clearance.
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There is a cosmetic dermatologist in Delaware named Fanny J Berg who uses a more advanced and effective technology to remove tattoos. Google Fanny J Berg MD and you can find out more.
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