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Considering Laser Lipo: Is The Pain Worth It?

  • CnMWilson
  • 2 years ago

I am considering getting laser lipo of my tummy and love handles after having my two daugheters I have gained about 30 pounds and I have a sedentary job so it is difficult to get rid of the weight.  I have been 130 pounds my whole life and after my first child I only gained 10 pounds.  after my second, I now weight 175 pounds and can't get rid of it. 

Every woman in my family has the belly pooch and love handles so I don't know if it is genetic or what, lol.  I was just wanting to see if the pain is worth the results.  I am a HUGE chicken.  I do not handle pain well.  I got a couple tattoos that took about 4 hours and I tolerated it okay, wondering if lipo is similar feeling to tattoos?? Thanks

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Hey there,

Thanks for coming to RealSelf and sharing your journey with us. It may be useful for you to take a look through the Smart Lipo reviews. There's lot of good advice and information in them as well as the experiences of all of the community members who have had Smart Lipo.

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