Could laser/IPL be causing scarring on some people because of a reaction like fiberblast?

  • imsorrynow2
  • 2 years ago

     Trying to find out if there may be some common link between people who are having similiar damage when having IPL and laser treatment. It does not seem that skin type or age is the reason. Nor does it matter that it is abalative as in Fraxel or if it is IPL. Could some people have a reaction similiar to what is called fiberblast ? The skin in simple terms over breaks down the collagen in the skin. These procedures are suppose heat the skin causing it to protect itself by reproducing more collagen. I am wondering if what is occuring to all of us with skin damage and scars is like over cooking meat that shrinks, shrivels and turns dry and leathery? I am dumb-founded that so many are having problems yet no one in the this field has ever heard of this happening. This leads me to think more long term studies need to be done. The people able to do this procedure should be trained more intensely for a longer period of time. We train people who cut our hair ten times longer than those able to cause horrible damage to our physical, and  emotion well being with a very powerful piece of medical equipment. Maybe my thinking is simple and not totally medically correct but it is an idea that someone needs to find an answer. Every month someone else opens an office or a spa with laser in hand and very little experiece. I am not sure if it the operator alone who should take the blame but the manufactors also. We don't deserve to take the blame nor the cost of correcting the damage should be on us.