Burns on chest after laser hair removal

  • 2899anon
  • ontario
  • 4 years ago

Received laser hair removal with a lightsheer at 35J with 9mm spot size and got burns all over body. How can these be treated and will there likely be any scarring? I don't understand how this has happened as I have light skin and the lightsheer settings weren't particularly strong? Maybe the machine malfunctioned?

View 4 doctor answers to I had a treatment for laser hair removal a yesterday and have a burn. Is this permanent?

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Very few cases laser hair removal produce some side effects, but its due to lack of inexperience technician and not properly taken precautions during Treatment. You can apply the aloe vera and vitamin E two to three times daily until your spots get reduced.It will also reduce your Burn pain. Get advice of your family doctor or dermatologist regarding this issue.