One larger breast after augmentation

  • Michelle2121
  • ny
  • 4 years ago

I had silicone breast implants in October. The Dr. noted that I had a 2% difference in size prior to the procedure as a 34b. He said it would not be any more noticeable after surgery and he could not use two different size silicone implants to correct this as the diameter of the implant would be noticeably different. It is now 6 months later and my left breast is a DD while my right is a D and the size difference is noticeable even in clothing. What can be done to fix this? Thank you in advance!

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I agree worrywart! Now I'm two years post op and I've totally made peace with it and don't even notice the difference unless I'm staring at them. What helps is to go back and look at pre op picks to see the natural assymetry, which was FAR worse. My breasts look and feel great, and look so much better than they did before that I really have nothing to complain about. It really is only about a half cup size difference for me - same difference I had pre op that I was hoping to correct, but again, very pleased overall and so happy I did the surgery.
I had the same problem, but I do think that no doctor can possibly know the exact percentage difference and it is likely that the original difference was more than you both thought and now that it is higher and fuller it is just more obvious. I have the same (after 200cc augmentation) of one beige a c cup and the other a d. Considering you have to replace them every 10-15 years, I would wait until then. Most women have asymmetry and in a way it makes them look more natural. THey are very well done I think.
I have exactly the same problem! I was a 34D before surgery with my left breast bigger than the right. Doc did a lift and a reduction (both breasts) said it would even it out, then put in implants of the same size in both breasts. Now, I have a left breast that is DD and a right breast that is a D. Like yours, my larger breast rides lower on my body, my clothes pull tigher over that side, and I can feel the weight difference. I am just under a year post op and am going back to see my doc next week. I would like him to tighten up the pocket of the larger breast (because the implant seems too low) and possibly discuss getting a larger implant on the right to even things out. Are you going back to your doc for a revision consult?

I agree, this looks like more than a 2% difference. Doctors often use different size implants in the same person to even out asymmetry. It sounds like your doctor might have underestimated your asymmetry or you had some sort of fluid build up? I'm not a medical professional and only your surgeon can answer this for sure. Has it resolved? Are you happy with your breast implants overall?