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Raleigh/Triangle NC Doctor Recommendations for Blue Vein Removal?

  • BJ1954
  • Raleigh-Durham, NC
  • 3 years ago

I have a rather large blue vein right below the socket bone of left eye. I have made numerous calls and no one that I can find in Raleigh/Triangle NC will consider removing for me. I would love to know of any doctor in this area has been found. Barbara S

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Dear BJ1954-
I have a solution for you! {edited}

Go to Dr. C at Aesthetic Solutions in Chapel Hill NC.I just had my nasty dark blue under eye (reticular) veins zapped with a Gentle Yag laser.It cost me $300.00 and you may need 1-3 treatments.My veins are GONE!!!!!!My eyes look GREAT!!! The nasty dark circles I had are gone forever!The treatment itself only took 10-15 minutes.Word of warning-Don't wear any face cream under your eyes when you go in for treatment because it hinders the laser from doing its job.If you forget,tell them and they will give you a wipe to remove the cream.
Oh, and by the way,DO NOT waste your time with {edited} Spa.They are very unprofessional and the clinic is run by youngsters,not adults.They will lie on the phone and have you waste your time coming out for a consultation only to tell you when you get there that they don't eyen OWN a laser for removing blue under eye veins.You will waste precious vaction time from work to see them for nothing.This actually happened to me.

{By Britt. Please PM user for info. Thanks}