Hi Ladies, I Am Looking for a Dr for a BBL in or Near Sacramento??

  • Bella's Booty
  • 2 years ago

I Love Dr. J's work, but with travel and all it is just too much money. If anyone has any suggestions for Dr's in or around Sacramento that do good work, plz let me know. Thanks for your time...

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I found a couple through here! Dr. Andrew Kaczynski has two offices (Sacramento and Granite Bay) and im looking into Dr. Shahiriar Maboukrakh (in Folsom). I plan on getting consultations within the next two weeks and I will let you know. Both are ASPS and ABPS certified. Dr. M price range is from around $5,000-$5,500, not including extra fees.
Thanks, pls let me know what you find out. I am in love with dr. js work, but with travel and cost I dont know if I can swing it. Im wanting at least 1000 ccs. Do you know if these doctors put that much in?? Thanks for your response. Good luck!!
Thank you I appreciate it.