Ok ladies I need your opinions!!

  • FlaGrown84
  • Central FL
  • 1 year ago

Hi girls! So to make a long story short, I've been wanting larger fuller perky pretty breasts for several years now. I've finally, after researching doctors, have made a consultation appt with one doc and plan on making another appt with another doc soon. I'm a pretty big girl, 5'8 200lbs (on a good day!) and wear a size 38D. I've recently lost about 30lbs and still feel I need to lose about about 20-30. I absolutely hate my breasts.... At 28 I have the breasts of a much much older woman, saggy grossness. In a bra they look alright, but just don't have that full perky cleavage look that I'd like to have.   Here's where your advice and opinions come in: Should I wait to lose the extra weight before I have my BA? And secondly what do you think of *plus sized* women with or getting BAs? I've looked on the internet at hundreds of before and afters, most of the women are thin and not on the heavier side like me. I feel a little awkward and self conscious about all this, and just really wonder if I'll be able to achieve the look I'm going for with out adding to my already large frame and looking silly with nice pretty boobs and an over weight body. :( When I've mentioned to my family and friends that I want a BA everyone has replied the same way, WHY?! You don't need it!!! Even the fiancé says the same things that he loves the girls and doesn't see why I need to be any bigger/different. But he has come around after I've expressed how much I hate my body and how I feel that after a BA, I know I will feel so much better about myself etc. Any advice or options you can give, I'd love to hear what you think. Finding this site and reading what everyone has to say and all the first hand stories really has helped me. Thank you ladies! :)