Ladies, Your Opinion Please (Ok Guys Too)

  • research900
  • 3 months ago

Hello all,I'm a man in my mid-30's. I'm American, of Scotch-Irish descent. I am naturally extremely pale and I have very thick dark hair... everywhere. So I am researching laser hair removal for my ever-increasing back hair. While it's nice to have a sweater in winter, it's simply time for this to go. :)The question however remains - where to stop? I have hair on my back, my bum, my legs... Whenever I have had my back waxed, they always stop at the waist line. It leaves a definite line between smooth back and hairy bum, leaving a bit of the impression of "hair pants" if you catch my meaning :D and it looks rather weird. If I’m going to do this rather expensive procedure, I want to do it right. So ladies… if I’m lasering my back, where should I stop? At the waist? After the bum? Somewhere on the back of the thighs? Is it possible to create a gradation, doing perhaps only half the treatments on my bum, for example? All opinions welcome… and guys who have done this, please chime in too! Thanks!