What exactly do U ladies want from a BBL?

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  • 2 years ago

Hey Ladies, I am new to this site and so greatful to habve an outlet. i recently decided to have the BBL after not much thought but while trolling this site< I am touched and a little saddened by the tales of pure hatred and dissatisfaction with our bodies. I feel a little out of place here bcuz I've has ass since I was 13. I ask what you ladies want bcuz I HATED my big butt since I was a kid. i used to diet at 14 trying to lose it. It sounds crazy but the attention from having a big butt is not as cute as one may think. Men are disgusting and I have been able to recognize pure lust in them since being a child. Thats not fun. Dont get me wrong, I loved the way I looked in my clothes but being weel endowed has its drawbacks: Jeans dont fit right, your constantly admired by men and hated on by women. and I dont even think my ass was that big. seriously, the reaction I used to get is what turned me off cuz I was like, what the hell are yall lookin at? When I see chicks like Niki and Deelishis etc, Im like DAYUMMM! and I understand that reaction but I never felt I was in that category so it was strange. Plus, living in NY is already a meat market so iun the summer, u are on display for real. I wore big clothes to cover it an eventually got used to it. 4 years ago, I had my only child (im 39 tho I look a good 38 heehee j/k) and my body started trippin. 1st the ass got bigger and I was like oh brother and then after dealing with post pardum, I lost like 20n lbs. Chile, I cannot tell u how much of a difference on my franme that was! My clothes didnt fit, I felt skinny and crazy. Imagine, I wore a size 14 in jeans with my butt quite "shelfy" and a small to medim in tops. What!! I was poppin! LOL but maybe due to age, its harder to keep on weight especially when u are dealing with depression ( Please seek help if u are dealing with mental health issues, its no shame to get help for yourself). Eating became a task and before I knew, I went from 175lbs of thickness on my 5'6" no wiast frame to a waif. Now to some people, I still have ass. Anyone who knows me, sees me (still at 175) and says " wow u lost alot of weight". Damn, i wasnt even big to start. UGGHH... Now Im just trying to "get that ole thing back"Its like winning the lottery...you are soo happy an\d pleased ...until all these clowns start comin out the woodwork asking for some of the, err, good fortune. You will say yes for a minute but then what?   Take it from me, walkin into a club with all eyes on ur ass can be powerful, but also degrading if you arent careful. I guess Im just curious... but I was wondering......What u gon' do with all that junk?  

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Curves mi kanfuze, lol ! You lost your ass that you didn't like and now yuh miss it ? Help mi out hareeee suh please an tonks lol....
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......Lol........So.....r u getting a procedure?
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When is your procedure?
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