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Hi Ladies! I am scheduled for TT and Lipo of the Flanks and Mons in two days!

  • bsteele320
  • 2 years ago

I am 32yrs old with one daughter.  My daughter is two.  I was on the small side before getting pregnant.  I was put on strict bed rest at 17 weeks and in that time I knew my body would never be the same.  I gained 106lbs during pregnancy.  Only 7 of 106lbs was a baby.  I was able to get all but 10lbs off.  I worked very hard with a personal trainer for over a year but noting will work on this belly so I decided to get this rotten apple (that's what I feel by belly looks like)  fixed!   I'm nervous scared and excited all at the same time!  I'm scheduled for Friday Sept 14th at 8am.  I am also leaving my current job which I have been at for 6 years and I am scheduled to start my new job October 1.  Do you think I will be okay to go back to work two weeks after surgery?  I am a bit spoiled now.  I have been working from home for over a year.  I think I'm nervous I won't be able to go into this new job and show them what I'm really about.  This is a very high titled position I will be starting and I really want to make a great impression.  Should I try to push my start date out one more week or do you think I will good? Also, one more question.  Has anyone decided to not use a pain pump and get the injections instead?  during my pre-op my PS mentioned they are now using injections that are similar to the pain pumps but I could make that decision on the morning of.  Any help in making this decision would be awesome.