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did any of you ladies have problems with your better half NOT wanting you to do have a MM?

  • shaye from illinois
  • illinois
  • 3 years ago

I am having so many problems with him being ok with this. He thinks it is a mental thing and that I need to just " be happy" with the way I look because he is! I cannot convince him that I would feel so much better about myself and that intimate things in our relationship would even be better. He thinks that him telling me that I am sexy should be enough. I try to tell him that I have to feel it not hear it. He told me today, when I mentioned, again, that I want a mommy makeover, that he figured it would take money or something to with money to make me happy. I just wish that he understood what having 4 kids can do you inside and out! I will never be able to get this done if he doesnt agree because it will take his credit to get it. Please, if you have advise let know!!

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We actually just wrote a blog post about this. You can find it here!  Also, check out this forum post with more than 100 responses about unsupportive significant others. I truly hope this helps! Let us know if he "gets it" and decides to help you proceed.

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