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Hello ladies this is my first post or comment I was wondering how do I get in contact with Yily? And thank you in advance!

  • Ana89hernandez
  • Pennsylvania
  • 1 year ago

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Hey, Gurl Welcome.. I get my surgery June 6th and cant wait... I'll be watching your blog for updates on your process...
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Hi there, welcome!

I've sent you a PM with the link to her website. Hope this helps!

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Woah! Thanks for welcoming me its been a bit hard trying to figure out the website since I don't have much time to browse but from what I've seen most people here have gotten great results in they're journey I'm excited to start mine
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Hey there, no problem at all. I've sent you a welcome PM, which includes some info on how to navigate the site. If you need any more help, just shoot me a PM!

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Hello am new here pls help on how to contact yily,I need consultation and price as well thnk u
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Hi Folakane, welcome!

I have sent you a PM with the details.

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