Ladies I'm on board ...getting TT & BA schedule for 23/01/12 so excited

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Hope it went well for you!!!!
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Thanks very much...I'm presently in the hospital on bed? Everything went great , however I didn't go ahead with the BA only TT although I wanted them so bad ..after I review brochures etc.. And possible complication I decided not to go through with .. I don't have any regrets thus far. I'm moving around to back to the washroom , it's a bit hard getting out of bed and back in ,that's only the pain I have, hopefully going home tomorrow in my own comfort , bed, toilet etc will make things much easier? How have you been recovering ...
Awww, but ya know, it will make your TT recovery easier to not have done it. If I would do it over, I'd do one at a time, I think. Glad you aren't feeling too bad though! I propped myself up on the couch with lots of pillows. It was easier for me to get up and down from that than it was my bed, but my bed is a pillow top, and a bit high. Yeah, you always feel better at home I think! :) There is something to be said for the comforts of home, right? ;) I'm not doing too bad! I'm driving now a bit, little things here and there. I'm trying to still just chill a bit. :) take your time and just heal. You'll do great! :)
I still have my strapping on , have to visit my doc on 28/1/13 to remove stitches and strapping I was wondering during this time can you wear and normal cotton underwear? I find with strapping on and a spandex underwear its a bit uncomfortable ? Any suggestions

Woo hoo! I'm excited FOR you. I encourage you to start your story in the mommy makeover review community where you can tell us about yourself, post updates and photos (if you so desire, very helpful).

Go here to do that when you're ready.

Looking forward to following along on your transformation!

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