Anyone Know of LA/California PS for BBL?

  • 2 years ago

Hi dolls! I'm 30, fly and beautiful...but guess what i'm lacking?? cakes!! I have up top, even the hips but girl my booty is wide, i may give the illusion i got it but this thing needs to be pumped up. so i'm ready. the Lord has blessed me to expect some $$ in the future so this is what i want to do for myself. I need a body togo along with my personality...fab. I'm full of life and i just want the BBL to make me more confident if that's even possible ; ) you wonderful ladies have inspired me to no end. thank you for being open, supportive and awesome. ladies! hi. I have been lurking on this site for two weeks now, obsessed is an understatement lol my mind is made up. i need a BBL, so i've began the process of consultations. i live in the Los Angeles area, but from reading most reviews i may need to travel south of the border to TJ or south/east to FL. can anyone recommend a Dr. within my area? I went on 4/21/2001 to california surgical institute in Beverly Hills or a consult, quoted 6500 for lipo of Abs, flanks, lower back & fat transfer, to be performed by Dr. Khalil. I just want more options...and not have to wait well off into summer to get the procedure done. Thanks girls. Muah.


Updated on 4 May 2012:
So I went to another consult yesterday & it was even better than my first. Dr. Arnazzi was sooo thorough and patient. I need to thank you ladies here on this site because of the wealth of knowledge you all share I felt better armed with my questions and concerns with Dr. Arnazzi. I think Im going to schedule my BBL the week of June 4th. My daughters 9th birthday is the 2nd and I want to enjoy her day with her and not limited to celebrate my baby's day.

Dr. Arnazzi has 30 years of experience as a PS so that's refreshing to know AND I got to speak with a patient he literally just finished doing lipo on! That patient was soo kind to answer my questions though she was groggy it was settling to see a patient he just completed surgery on.

Here is my one concern: Dr. Arnazzi uses Local anesteic versus general. He assured me I wouldn't feel discomfort and I would be out. What do you ladies think?? Has any of you gone with local for this procedure??


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