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kind of freaking out. need advice from TT vets, bruising and swelling w/ pic

  • Philadelphia7275
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • 3 years ago

i am a 29 year old male who lost 100+ lbs 6 years ago. right now i am 8 days post-op from tt that was only below belly button. just skin removal, no lipo or muscle stuff. no pain at all from op or now. lower abdomen appears very swollen and draining dark red blood 75 cc per day. is this normal?( would like to post more but 300 char limit)

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You and I are almost twins, I am a little further out but surgery was in February. I too lost weight (180 for me) and my surgeon told me he would get me as tight as he could but part of what is left is "me". I feel like I created a Muffin top of sorts. Now I just pray that this is swelling some and will subside....I will add you to my prayers as I feel your pain. My drains were about the same as you on day 8 and came out a few days later. All the best.
I'm no expert either, but had my tt 4 weeks ago and never looked like that. I was draining 25 cc each side max per day, never a dark red. I would definitely go back to surgeon asap. Good luck!
I'm no expert, just another post op tt patient, but I'd want my PS to look. I was draining 75 -100 on each side for the first 5 or 6 days...maybe down to 60 or so by day 8, but not that kind of swelling. Better safe than sorry.

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