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Anyone who hasn't had kids pre-TT?

  • bethsjourney
  • Washington, DC
  • 1 year ago

I am 28, have lost 88 lbs through Weight Watchers, and am moving forward with a TT.  I have found that most people I've come across on the site have already had children, so I'm interested to hear what your experience was/is like if you haven't yet had kids and go through with a TT. Did you need muscle repair? Are you planning to have kids in the future?

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I lost over 70 pounds 5 years ago and I'm 57 so stomach looked flabby. I never had kids. I'm like you. I wanted to hear more stories from people like us. I'm sure the surgery is about the same. I know he did tighten muscles and I'm still a little swollen after 3 months. For some reason I just had a lot of swelling. I'm only 4'11" so it's like extra weight on us short people. It's more noticeable. I'm sure it's possible to have kids after a tummy tuck (obviously not for me!) but you'll stretch things out again. You should ask the surgeon about it. I'm sure he'll tell you if you get pregnant, to watch the weight gain.
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I lost 120+ pounds with WW as well and I had a TT on 5/17 I do have one child but we do not want anymore. In speaking with my PS it was determined that I did not need MR, mostly due to working out 6 days a week since 2011. The doctor will know best. Best of luck
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I don't have kids and want to do a TT after 100 lbs of weight loss. Right now we are unsure, leaning toward no kids, and I have to get this skin off me!
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I don't have kids and I am 6 weeks post op. you sound just like me. 100 pounds weight loss and I had to get the skin OFF!!!! I would love to answer any questions you have, just write on my review or send me a direct message!
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We do have a few ladies here on RealSelf in the same situation.  I remember what my tummy looked like after my weight loss and it had to go.  I would have done the same thing in your situation.  My jelly belly had to go!!!

I know you will love having the flat tummy!  If later you decide to have children then you can deal with it at that time.  The doctors can't really promise what the outcome will be after a pregnancy.  

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