Has Anyone Had Kids... After Having a BBL?

  • prayingforamazing
  • united states of america
  • 1 year ago

just wondering how many of you have had .... or know someone who has had a BBL and THEN EXPERIENCED CHILDBIRTH?   for those who have or have witnessed someone who has, how do you report the changes on the body? Were they able to maintain the new shape? (buttocks) after the surgery?   any suggestions?

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My friend's wife had a bbl and is pregnant for the 2nd time after having it and her butt is stiill there just bigger now lol. Kim K had hers done so there is a comparison you can actually see, but after the 1st baby it went down some and was still plump and shapely so u should be fine.
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bump! I would like to know this also! I have 2 children and plan on starting again when im 30 (10 years from now) so if i have the bbl done in the near future how will it go years from now
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i've already gotten responses from surgeons... and 10 yrs from now you are more than fine YOU have nothing to worry about
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