What did you tell your kids?

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I'm trying to decide how to approach this subject with my kids.  I have three boys at home, ages 16, 14, and 10.  Pretty sure they don't want to discuss my boobs with me.  They are going to know that I am having surgery, and I'm sure it will be evident what is going on when I am home, but I don't know if it is a subject they are going to be excited to hear about right now. When I went for my consult I told them I was seeing a doctor because of my back pain and let them hang out at the mall while I went for my appointment.  Do I just tell them that the doctor said that the pain is from the extra weight I carry around and that a reduction would help alleviate a lot of that pain? Appreciate any advice!

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Well approached the subject with two of my boys today (we were in the car and they had nowhere to run.) Anyway it went very well. I have been having a lot of pain the last couple of days as a result of a long car trip and I had been begging for them to rub my neck and shoulders a lot. I told them I was considering a procedure with a plastic surgeon as a way to relieve some of the pain I was having. My 16 year old said, "Oh, you mean your breast reduction?" They seemed totally fine with it and not freaked out at all. It appears they have all heard me discussing it with my husband at different times (don't know how they can hear things that I try to keep quiet about, but don't seem to hear me when I'm yelling for them to clean their rooms!) So it seems that I was worried for nothing. They even joked a little bit saying that at least they would be more comfortable asking friends to go to the pool with them because they wouldn't have to worry about the way they look at me :-)
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That so made me laugh.
I dont have kids but rest assured my brothers were very similar, no details please, and let us know when its over! I suppose we girls would be the same if it was their bits!


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Oh yes it is always an adventure with kids in the house...LOL

You should have seen him when I had my tummy tuck the following year..Oh my!

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Been there..LOL  

My son was 16 when I had my reduction and you are correct they do not want to hear about old moms big saggy boobs.  My son shut me down so fast and turned bright red.

He knew I obviously had extremely large breasts and that my neck, back and shoulders hurt.  I simply told him that I was having surgery to relieve all of that.  He said "Oh".  Big talker that one was. 

Just be honest with them because they are old enough to understand.  Believe me though they will not want all the details. 

After my surgery he started to ask some questions on how they did the surgery.  I drew a picture to show him and that was all he needed. 

When I was a week post op I was laying on the couch with my top and bra off picking the surgical glue off.   My son walked in and was horrified.  Didn't know he was home..Oops!    He looked at me like I was something from a freak show.   I about wet my pants just watching him running from the room.  


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Too funny, Kimmers!

NOTE TO SELF: Don't lie around the house with my ta-tas hanging out unless I'm absolutely sure that I am home alone!

Thanks for the advice! I think I will just explain about the back pain and that the surgery is to help that. Plus I'm sure that they will be happy with anything that makes me quit asking them to rub my back!
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LOL...good plan:)

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