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Kenneth Shaheen, Troy, Michigan

  • Kathleen Jennifer
  • Chicago, IL
  • 2 years ago

Hi, My daughter and I met with Dr. Kenneth Shaheen in Troy, Michigan last week.  She would like to have him perform her rhinoplasty.  I cannot find any other reviews for him on here for rhinoplasty and I am hoping that someone has experience with him.  So far he has been wonderful, but any feedback would be great.  Thank you in advance. Kathleen S.

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Oh wow, I am just now seeing this. We went to Dr. Bahman Guyuron in Cleveland for rhinoplasty (tip work), septoplasty, and turbinate reduction. SEEING THIS SURGEON WAS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF OUR LIVES. I am going to have my daughter write a separate review on her own, but Dr. Guyuron destroyed her nose (and her confidence). Her nose is 50% wider than it was before surgery, and she now has a collapsed nostril. And it took him two separate surgeries to do this to her. So sad. I say stick with Dr. Shaheen. Only because he is easy to talk to and despite his office staff being AWFUL, he would be a good choice.
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Want a tummy tuck and breast augmentation.. wanting to know if anyone had it done by him
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Just had tt with lipo...absolutely amazing!!! Highly recommend him and his staff.
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really i'm not happy with the doktor, i recommend you to chose another one, if you want to be happy...
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My daughter was scheduled for surgery with him (I wrote the above review) but she cancelled. His staff is so horrible that the office is completely unbearable. I did not want to tell her this because I wanted her to make a decision on her own, but I could not have been happier NEVER going back to that office. The lady you check out with is truly a mean person.

My daughter is now scheduled with Bahman Guyuron in Cleveland. Hope that helps.
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I'm so glad I asked!! I hope your daughters experience is a good one! Thank you for your reply!
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Hi! I would love to know if anyone has used Dr. Shaheen for a rhinoplasty?? KathleenRsmith411??

Thank you!
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Dr. Shaheen is there best there is. I had breast reduction surgery with him last year and I would recommend him to anyone.
As a board certified Surgeon--his work is exceptional. And the staff is wonderful too. Beaumont has a great facility where you are well cared for before and after your procedure.
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