Anyone ever gotten a kenalog injection from a surgeon in NYC (other than Sam Rizk) or from someone other than your own surgeon?

  • irsi
  • New York, NY
  • 1 year ago

I've posted here alot--I took a blow to the nose and it looks awful. Granted, I know that will delay swelling, but I have thick skin and the scar tissue is enormous. I'd like to get on with my life. The nose is really physically uncomfortable due to all the fluid retention--it's throbbing.    My own surgeon refused kenalog injections and I have an implant so I know I'm probably going to have to wait for this to resolve itself, but right now, I'm also trying to get a good outcome. At 5 months my nose is as swollen as it was a week after surgery after it finally seemed to look like a nose/end result, and I know it's because of my not being careful enough.    Surgeon checked at 3 month post-op to see that my implant is intact; it is.  By 12/25 I'll be six months post-op. Can someone even give me even the name of a person to consult in NY that is repuable and uses kenalog or would consider it? If you PM me, I can tell you who I've already seen when I was worried I should get the Medpor implant taken out (because the nose looked so awful, I'd read Medpor was dangerous, and I had weak communication with my own surgeon about what had been done, what it was supposed to look like, etc.) I would like to avoid another rhinoplasty, period.    I know I should be grateful the implant is intact at all, but at this rate I WILL have another rhinoplasty, and I don't want it to get that bad.