Keloid removal with string?

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I was reading someone saying that they tied a string around their earlobe keloid to cut off the circulation and the keloid dried up. I was wondering, does it really work?

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I'm on day 11 and my keloid is grossing me out !!. I proud that I only have a little ways left to go. Right now it is hanging out the socket ( gross) but i'm almost there. What to do to get it off faster? The sting cant tie any tighter because there is no pain and I don't want to cut it off because of infection . HELP
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So my keloid is literally still hanging by the root. What can I do? I have tried tying it with floss but it's still not doing anything. I need it off by next week!
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is your keloid completely dead?
If so you can go ahead and cut it....... But i would just wait it out a little longer to reduce infections and regrowth. Like you said you need it off by next week. twist it around so that there may be a tear in it.
As far as I can see it is, but I will wait a little bit longer to cut it or anything. I'm going to tie string around it...a lot.
Tie more string or a rubber band around it as tight as you can stand it. Actually start adding more string (one on top of the other) everyday. If it doesn't hurt it needs to be tighter.
try a thicker string than dental floss. Find a pack of black stretchy hair ties at walmart cut it in half and tie around. That dosen't loose elasticity and you can pull it tighter when needed. I'm thinking floss is too thin.
Okay. I may try the string. I have tried tying a hair rubber band around it and I couldn't get it to tie. I may try again.
Yeah not a hair rubber band but one of those black stretch pony tail holders
Watch my YouTube video and you can see what I used. The brand Is goody hair tie. Then I cut it in half and tied it around like a shoelace
I am Now on day 7 and my keloid has already died. I tightened rubber bands and strings as tight as they can go and i still dont feel any pain.So Should i just go ahead and cut it off? What to Do, because i dont want any infections or regrowth.
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I advise you not to bc their could be a greater chance or regrowth but if you feel likw you have to then go for it
Hey can someone please talk about the healing process?? What to do, for how long. Long term stuff. And how long it usually takes to heal up conpletely. Thanks! :)
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I am 5 days in Now,using this method.My keloids are black and have bleed twice already. I have two rubber bands on each and so far this process is going well. One one ear the piercing whole on the top is still open and blood passes through there. It has made a little scar. I clean it everyday( 3 times). Is it infected ? HELPPP
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Most likely its not infected. Mine bled too, but near the end actually. The blood in the keloid is is backing up because it has nowhere to go. And if your hole is still open, thats probably why it coming out there.
How long does the pain last because it's killing me right now & I'm trying so hard to keep going. I'm abt 2 hrs in.. yea I know but my keloid is abt the size of a walnut? I'm guessing size might be relative to how long the pain lasts. I took pain killers but it didn't help at all. Is there any other tricks you guys did? I can't even type as I right this it hurts so bad /: but yeah just curious how long this pain will last & if it decreases (pain)
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Usually a couple of days. In my case, I started out with two bands and that hurt for about two days. Then, I think its was on the 4 or 5th days I added another, it was sore but not as sore as the first time. I added another later on and that just hurt for a couple of hours because it was almost off. It will get better. Make sure you clean it so it doesnt get infected. 100% tea tree oil is good too. But the first few days are the most painful. hang in there! you'll be so happy you did!
Do the string it dont hurt at all
@lolipop123 how big was your keloid though? I've noticed the smaller the keloid is with people the less it just hurts regardless of the method /: mine is pretty big..
Try ice. Mine was walnut sized and I had pain the whole 17 days unfortunately. You'll get use to the pain by day 3
Whats faster?? String or Rubber bands?
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I removed it before with a string but it was way big.... this the second time it growed back and im upset i have to do this all over again -___
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You mentioned this is your second time. Do you know how or why it came back? What did you do after it came off the first time
Yes because i exposed the raw wound after cutting away the keloid