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Kate Somerville -- Kate in a Jar

  • marci65
  • 75093
  • 7 years ago

Has anyone tried Kate Somerville in a jar?  I am thinking of buying it because I've read mostly great reviews about it. 

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sounds great i want to buy it for my wife but she is sensitive to many ingredients is it safe for rosacea? does anyone have the ingredient list from the label? thanks
Where can you buy this product and what is the cost?
I totally agree with all of this and more.....I too have the total vitamin and the deep tissue, I even have the Line Release and I love it!!!!!!!! My skin is fabulous! I can't say enough about it.......
I love this stuff! It really does remove the "dead" skin and works like a mini facial. Your skill does get red after a few minutes, even though it is recommended to leave on for 20=30 seconds I put it on right before I jump in the shower and wash my face first. I leave it on for about 2-3 minutes. I get a red but then my face goes back to normal. Don't scrub it on, just put it on and let the enzymes do the work! I am addicted! The jar finishes pretty fast, I use it 2 times a week, so use sparingly.
Yes! Not only have I tried this, but I am now completely addicted! This product has changed my skin! It removes all the dead surface skin and leaves you glowing! My makeup has never gone on so smooth and people have started asking me what I'm doing to look so great! I've also hooked on her Total Vitamin and Deep Tissue Repair!