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This is probably the wrong forum, but I can't figure out where to ask this question. I don't want input from a dr, because I want reviews or recs about a dr. Has anyone had a breast reduction surgery in Kansas or Missouri and loved their dr? I can't find very satisfying reviews for anyone. I am forty, and have had G cups since seventh grade. I have back and neck problems, and to say I hate how I look is an understatement. I'd like to get the surgery process started asap. Thanks for your help.

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I am going for a consult to Dr. Dillow from MONARCH plastic surgury because 3 people I know had recommended him to me. He has a office in Leawood, KS and K.C., MO.
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Oh, she looks really really good!
Thanks for the link.
I can't imagine the insurance would decline, as I have years of documented pain and trouble in my neck, shoulders, and back. My pain doc said he would help the process along any possible way, so that's great.
Can I ask if the dr who was so weird was Gary Hall? I've been looking at him, and Colyer in depth, from your recs, and they both seem pretty good, from reviews and pics.
I'm not worried about scarring, just shape and nipple position...I've seen some completely odd placements and shapes from the before and afters.
I love that the pic link you sent has her as a 'c' after. Thats the size I'm wanting to go for, as well. What about you?
I'm so happy that you're willing to talk about this with me...I've wanted this for twenty freaking years, but now that I'm pursuing it so that it will happen asap, holy cow do I feel unsettled and full of questions. You are a lifesaver.
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I went in to see one doctor in mid-March (did NOT like him) so I saw Dr. Colyer the following week and we scheduled surgery that day. They'll probably schedule you right away and then cancel if your health insurance doesn't cover the surgery for some bizarre reason.

Like I said, before Dr. Colyer I saw another doctor. He was totally disengaged - barely asked me any questions, responded with one-word answers to MY questions, etc. I'm not saying I need hand-holding through this, but I do need someone who's more engaged. When I saw Dr. Colyer, it was SO much better. He was inquisitive, kind, and full of answers. Plus I just generally felt more comfortable around him. Whoever you choose, you should feel that same level of comfort.

I'll admit, the before and after pics are pretty scary (especially if you look at just-after-surgery pics!). But of course implants look better - for one thing, there's a lot less cutting, and the scarring is better hidden than with a reduction. It's up to you if scarring is worth it or not. For me, the answer is "Heck yes!"

Be honest with the doctor about his pictures. Dr. Colyer had one pic in his book that I hated - I thought the nipple placement was way unnatural, and I told him that. He said, "Thanks, that gives me a better idea what you're looking for." Find pictures you like (I love this chick, from this website: http://www.realself.com/photo/248354?offset=2&topic_id=234) and show them to the doctor. No doctor will "guarantee" to make you look like a picture, but it will give them a better idea of what you want.

Good luck, and keep me posted - being KC girls, we can support each other!
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Oh, hey, thanks so much for your response!
Can I ask how long it took to get the surgery scheduled? Like from first visit to your surgery date in May?
How did you finally decide on Dr Colyer? I'm looking and looking at before and after pics, and dr reviews, and it seems the more I look, the less sure I am about anything. I'm a little discouraged at how good implants look, and how a reduction looks in comparison.
Are you going to have the surgery in a clinic or a hospital?
You must be thrilled to finally be almost there.
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Hey there. I'm in the Kansas City area and am scheduled for surgery on May 17, so I don't have an experience in who's a better surgeon, but based on 3 visits with 3 different doctors, I was very comfortable with Jeffrey Colyer in Overland Park. He's who I chose. I never saw Dr. Gary Hall, but he's gotten some great accolades in the plastic surgery world. He was also recommended by a friend. Either way - don't be afraid to see multiple docs! You need to have a good personal connection, but also look at ALL of their before and after photos for symmetry, scarring, nipple position, etc.

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