juverderrm nightmare

  • jennasantana
  • 2 years ago

I had juvederm injected and it was a nightmare, but I seeked help from a naturopathic doctor because the MD's only made it worse by wanting to inject more of that stuff. It was a nightmare. Im okay now. You need to buy a facial steamer with organic oils to put in there to dissolve the juvederm and the hardening. Then I was informed to buy an infrared facial massager that penetrates red infrared rays into the skin, you can buy one on ebay for about 25 or less dollars. It will dissolve the juvederm. It took me weeks for it to dissolve and i didn't even want to come out of my house. I know the nightmare. I cried for days. Stay away from that stuff. Its not worth it. Find a naturopathic doctor like I did. Or call a accupuncturist and see if they can do special massaging and accupuncture to dissolve it. I did it with the facial steamer and infrared facial massager, but it did take weeks to start seeing anything. The infrared can not be used near the eyes. I only used it in my cheek areas and it did dissolve it. But I did it like twice a day and about four facial steamers a day to take out the toxins from my face. It made a grand difference. And I learned my lesson. If you want to get rid of sagging skin or wrinkles. Buy the biomedical facial toning device. it works. Its like lifting weights on your face.

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I'm sorry to hear you didn't like your Juvederm experience. What happened?