Juveni.com is listed on RIPOFF REPORT and people need to spread the word

  • Sherbee
  • 2 years ago

what are in those syringes that DONT WORK and then the next batch make someone that ill....   Just back engineer their page. Its common to see the 'whois' and etc. Do not trust a site. They just need a half decent site to rip people off!

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If you see any product from juveni or Pmma please dont use that product ever! after the injection I end up being EMERGENCY ROOM. I payed $1000 to get $5 worth it antibiotic . Do you think it help Noooooo. I have a huge lump like half size o cookie its staying in my smile line and its not going away! I search this company but they are no longer on site anywhere!
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I purchased Juveni HA and had it injected last week. It is horrible, i probably will need to have surgery to remove it. The lumps are red and swollen. This has been a nightmare. I had Juvederm injections before and i know that i am not allergic to the active ingredients. It is bad product and horrible customer service. Their phone is disconnected, online chat only handles sales and didn't talk to me. So i can not get hold of anyone in the company, i can't get a refund, i can't return the product ( i only used a half of it - thank God!) and i have swollen, red lumps on my face. Please stay away from this product and this company.
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the same thing is happening to me have ur swollen lumps dissapaited yet?
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I have the huge size of like implant stock on my lip areas ...it has been 2 months and it seems like getting hard more... any of yours is gone since you had the same problem on February?
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Ripoff report is a well documented scam though. How can I trust what I read there?
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Thank you for sharing with us what you found.

It seems people use the Juveni site to try to buy injectable fillers to use on themselves. While I certainly understand the desire to save some money, the expense associated with complications that could easily arise will far outweigh what was saved, not to mention the health risks.

Here is a blog that discusses the difference in the satisfaction from people who visited board certified doctors, versus other injectors. Keep in mind the "other injectors" were still people who do injections as part of their work...how much more the chances for error if this was your first time, you had no formal training, and you were trying to do it on yourself.

Staggering Differences in Satisfaction Between Board vs. Non-Board Certified Doctors

Here is a Q&A that discusses self injecting:

Buying Restylane Online and Injecting Yourself?

I know a lot of people will argue "Well, the doctors are just saying that because they want the money." Ok, lets pretend that is the case (which I disagree with, but that is beside the point). I would encourage you to go into any of our injectable communities, use the tag at the top of the review page to filter down to the "Not Worth It" reviews, then read some of the terrible experiences people have had. That is right from their mouths and shows the real complications that can go on.

Can anyone tell I have a passion for keeping people safe with these types of treatments?! ;) Please, please do not order fillers online, it is just too much of a risk.

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Sorry but most horror stories here have been performed by 'expert' doctors....I do my own injections ...thank you....and it looks great and natural...unlike the first time I had it done, it got bruised, swollen and went back down to nothing.
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