Juveni pmma permanent filler

  • Katalin
  • Burlington Ontario
  • 1 year ago

Hi! I just ordered the juveni pmma permanent filler for my lips! Ha anyone used this in lips? I so, what were your results? Would live some feedback on the product ! I have tried every filler and non of the lasted more then a week! My body rejects them! Then I found artecoll/artesense and its the only older my body doesn't reject! And now I was attempting to try juveni pmma! As artecoll is no longer available on Canada! Any info would be greatly appreciated! Oh and who would I get to inject pmma ? Do people do it themselves???

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People do inject themselves but I would never try it personally! Also lots of people have had problems with permanent fillers. It's one thing trying a dissolvable one yourself but permanent - no way! What if you get it wrong?
No kidding!! This is the company that cause every ones pain, torture n disfigurement.
Well another trip to Dr.today.This makes my sixth visit and I am trying to stay positive!It is getting better and I think I am becoming a pro with coverup.I had tiny bit more kenalog and now on another antibiotic.He is rotating between two.Because of being on them so long.I also use a antibiotic ointment .Stay positive it's all we can do!
That's great for you! I'm gonna have to go soon, I don't understand why some days are so much worse? Today it was the worse it's been atleast 2 weeks now since steroids n kenolog injections is it possible it could keep going? I look like a freak today n it's stretching my skin out so much.

Is the antibiotic related to getting the kenalog injections, or is it more about the juveni?  Glad you are staying positive, I know it is so hard sometimes.

Thanks, no I was on 2 different antibiotics in the beginning, Oct., for different reasons but i was so bad then I don't even know if they helped? I don't really think so, 2 was Cipro n the other for a root canal. But not on any since beginning of Nov I guess. Steroids helped so much but when I had to stop it's just been getting worse day by day. Right now my lips are almost like the first week. For me something is setting it off, I'm thinking it could be Lyrica? Sounds crazy but tomorrow I'll try not taking one for my FM.
Where injection of steroids,at site
i have posted comments on their facebook page its under dermalfillers i think we should get our own page documenting the terrible disfigurements that their products have caused. or has someone already done that?
Yes, Its as good idea but I'm a very personal person n very embarrassed bout what I've done so I don't no if I would actually do it but I have pic s!! Before n after n dated. My close friend n family no I've gotten n even done my own filler injections over the last 8-9 years but with this I lied n said it was weird complication from a terrible virus n it's plausible to me n the people I lied too. It's just too embarrassing for me. I'm done with my course of steroids as of yesterday so I'll c what happens? If it stays like this, I can live with it, not happily n I'm kinda used t to using a spoon a different way cause my lips just don't curve over spoon like it used too.... lol
aimee666 bless you I do hope you get sorted soon, its a horrible thing to go through, 2 years I have suffered and still not 100% even after surgery... I totally understand how you feel Aimee and the excuses you say to others etc as I did exactly the same.... its not your fault its the bad stuff which we are led to believe is ok... take care...
Thank you too! Eventually I hope to find someone to get rid of these bumps on my face! After trying kenolog a few times I tried asperating them but nothing came out.
Greeneyes, I tried to find it on FB but nothing similar comes up? It's just under dermafillers? Thanks, amiee
hi, read the comments on other page.. http://www.realself.com/forum/juveni-confort-juveni-mesolift 'Anyone Tried Juveni Confort or Juveni Mesolift' ... before using any Juveni product
I do believe someone might have had a bad batch but I don't believe it's common. Yes it should have never happened but s&@# happens, I will try it on a small place first n I am skeptical about the permanent one.
are you completely crazy after everything that has happened to people on here. the bad batch has been going on for the past 12 months
If u look this was 2 months ago n I was hopefully n very very STUPUD.
I just ordered yesterday the HA comfort n can't wait to use it on myself. I've done others before.
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