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Juvederm New York City doctor recommendation?

  • max-well
  • 90120
  • 7 years ago

I read about Juvederm in the New York Times and that its a new wrinkle treatment. better then other options out there.  I NEED to fill in the areas under my eyes that have sunken in..and I'm not even 40!.  But i dont want just any old injector.  I'd like a doctor who really knows a lot about juvederm which may be a hard thing since its so new. 

i prefer to find a plastic surgeon or dermaltologist who offers Juvederm in NYC (manhattan) who you can recommend becs you personally found them to be great in getting rid of wrinkles with simple procedures.  i want to avoid someone who wants to talk me into some $5,000 plastic surgery or some new spendy alternative!  thank you


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I would be happy to meet with you in my Manhattan office. Please visit my website to learn more about me. I have been an investigator for Allergan in several Juvederm clinical trials and I continue to inject Juvederm on a regular basis.

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Dr. Laurie Polis at the Soho Skin and Laser Dermatology is great. She does a lot of famous people and I've had good results with her.
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I would caution about using the product described to 'dissolve' the Juve, it can cause more problems that it fixes. Finding the proper doc who is experienced is the KEY to a good outcome, unless your body simply reacts badly to the product (uncommon). Good luck.
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I myself have just asked the doctor who injected too much into my lips about dissolving it. He claims ignorance on how the dissolving will work saying he has never had to dissolve it before. He knew to put to put it in but it seems as if I will have to find another doctor to remove it. I think it could work well in the right quantities, and with expert application. A good doctor is not easy to find... I actually would like to know more about dissolving the sculptra he has used to pad my face with. I have lumps. He said it's not possible to remove this, although I read something on this site about it being possible. I would like to find out more about both being removed, so too am looking for a doctor with know how and knowledge and expertise. Err on the side of caution...
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