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Juvederm New York City doctor recommendation?

  • max-well
  • 90120
  • 7 years ago

I read about Juvederm in the New York Times and that its a new wrinkle treatment. better then other options out there.  I NEED to fill in the areas under my eyes that have sunken in..and I'm not even 40!.  But i dont want just any old injector.  I'd like a doctor who really knows a lot about juvederm which may be a hard thing since its so new. 

i prefer to find a plastic surgeon or dermaltologist who offers Juvederm in NYC (manhattan) who you can recommend becs you personally found them to be great in getting rid of wrinkles with simple procedures.  i want to avoid someone who wants to talk me into some $5,000 plastic surgery or some new spendy alternative!  thank you