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Why did Juvederm paralyze my smile/lip?

  • ventaris
  • new jersey
  • 4 years ago

Why did juvederm paralyze my facial nerve after injection in my upper left lip only? I have been to 6 doctors and waiting for 2 more consults. The nerve damage is permanent based on EMG ...also note the MRI shows NOTHING pressing on 7th cranial facial nerve nor does it show damage. However i am paralyzed on left side of face and my smile is deformed now...was it due to ischemic necrosis? Or an allergic reaction to the Strep Equi Bacteria (Streptococcus group A is of course the flesh eating bacteria)...could it be that Strep Equi caused this reaction?

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In June 2008, I had juvederm and my smile has been crooked ever since. It was not like that before and the Dr. who injected it was baffled. He kept having me come back every two weeks to see if it changed, but it didn't. It is still crooked. The lower left lip does not go down with the right one when I smile. It is not quite as severe as the photo, but is still noticeable. I wonder if he damaged a nerve by injecting in the wrong spot or something.
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Has your smile been corrected 6086anon? What did you do to correct it? Can you post your email to email you privately?
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