Juvederm Nose Jobs - Experiences

  • JenCha91
  • 2 years ago

Hello,  I had Juvederm fillers injected into my nose 4 days ago, and have noticed that there are currently no discussion forums dedicated specifically for Juvederm nose jobs (most other uses of Juvederm seem to have quite lively discussion boards). I am 4 days post op. and am experiencing what I hope is significant swelling, though cannot tell for sure whether it is product which has migrated. I asked to have my nose bridge built up, and my tip refined. The doctor injected less than one syringe of Juvederm Ultra Plus, and while I am ecstatic about my profile view, the front view of my nose is wider, flatter, angular, and lacks nose-like contours.

If anyone has had any similar experiences, please do share. I will keep this post updated as any new developments arise.

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Great discussion to start - it will be very interesting to hear from others who have had this done.

Thanks for adding the photos in your Q&A. Has the swelling subsided some, or does it still look about the same?

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Hi Megan, sorry it's been a year since my last login. The swelling subsided dramatically after roughly two months, which was a relief, and I was eventually quite happy with the result. The only issue was that my skin wasn't really designed for a strong bridge. This sounds strange but the skin would pull in strange places and it looked as though i'd been wearing reading glasses all day. This subsided as the filler dissolved, and I think I was happiest with the result at about 8 months post-op (yep, filler was still there and quite prominent!). Overall satisfied with the results, but I don't think I'll go back for another round. So glad the changes happen gradually, and aren't permanent!!
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Thank you so much for coming back and filling me in on what ended up happening. I'm glad that things continued to get better for you. This info, especially hearing all that happened a year later, is going to be very helpful to others, I'm sure!

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