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Juvederm in lips - how long before oral sex?

  • Leila111
  • 3 years ago

What is considered a safe time after juvederm lip injections to have oral sex? I was told by doctor that 48hrs is sufficient. Is that really enough time for juvederm to settle? I would not want to cause any damage or shift the material. Does anybody know? The doctor told me it's a very common question. Is there such thing, the longer you wait the better, or truly the recommended 48 hrs is sufficient? I'd appreciate the feedback. Thank you:)

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I would wait a few hours but no longer than that. Have fun.
That is one of the best questions I have heard so far on RealSelf. Often, the questions are related to things which I think you should have had the good sense to ask your doctor before, or have a good enough relationship to ask after the procedure. they are kind of boring to answer sometimes. The answer I have for you is I am not sure what is the earliest, but to be safe, wait a week or so.

Hi Leila,

Well, I'm not sure, but I would assume waiting till your lips are no longer swollen, bruised or sore would be your best bet. Hope that helps.