juvederm injected in the wrong place

  • shant
  • California, MD
  • 1 year ago

This is the most horrible experience I've had with a cosmetic physician. I went there for a filler and she was supposed to inject juvaderm in the naso labial crease but instead she injected the juvaderm next to it -making my cheek puffy and  the crease ended up looking deeper than it was near the nose.  Also my eye circles look deeper.  She told me first she is going to inject a numbing agent but instead did the whole thing so fast - before I realized she said it was all done. Every Dr I have seen before, made sure I had a mirror,  so  I know what is happening to my face.  Has anybody had a similar experience.  Its been 2 weeks and I would like to reverse it - maybe inject hyalurinidase (or whatever) but then I hear that this removes the natural hyaluronic acid in the face - not just the one that was injected. How do I go about this?  Ps advice