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Juvederm in lips CAN be permenant

  • jburn
  • florida
  • 2 years ago

I have read several questions about Juvederm lasting over 18 months in the lips and even over 3 years.  Well, I had Juvederm (and it WAS Juvederm so please don't suggest that as a reason) 2 YEARS ago.  Prior to that I had a VY Plasty that was done in 1993 which of course, does cause some scar tissue.  I can actually FEEL the Juvederm somewhat embedded within the scar tissue (this was NOT there before).  So after 2 years and it remaining and just slightly going down on the left side, I recently had Juvederm injected on that left side to even up in the hopes that the left side will be a 'permenant' situation.  Hey, I'm not a doctor but I am betting that Juvederm CAN and will embed in scar tissue and remain.  I would be more than happy to be the test example and find out why this DOES seems to happen to certain people.  Perhaps a little research needs to be done instead of just a few of us having to ask questions and go to doctors just to be told that it 'maybe wasn't Juvederm' or look at you like you MUST be exaggerating.

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I had the injections done over two years ago an I can still see the juverderm, which is annoying because it left bumps. And I cant seem to get rid of the bumps which is incredibly depressing and makes me feel self conscious

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was interested to read this becasue mine has lasted a long time too - I'm not complaining! I did think it was my imagination though as in the lips it's only supposed to be six months but mine is over a year. It's always slightly bigger first thing in the morning too. does anyone else find this? I had juvederm in cheks too and that has lasted more than a year, although I think the doctor did overfill slightly at the time.
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It has lasted quite a while for me as well. I saw a pic of me from 3 years ago and could not believe the difference. I had my first injection 4 years ago and it was mainly on the lips (the border) and frown lines...a few touch-up every few years and my life still look amazing.
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Just had a scar below my lip on my chin "filled" tech said it went in beautifully and filled the area where my teeth had gone through as a child. the sunken scar was beginning to bother me a lot and now I barely notice it at all. Thanks Juvederm! my vote is still out on some other areas i had touched up but only 24 hours out and optimistic.
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Yes, I have seen Juvederm last - it is hard to believe it lasts this long - however, on some individuals - it does. It is important you have an injector that understands how to create lips-
Fillers can also last a long time in the face - fillers can be injected in different plains of the skin. Work with a plastic surgeon / that works with filler on a daily basis.
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