• Lalili
  • Quebec, QC
  • 2 years ago

Hi, I'm a French canadian from Quebec city (sorry for my bad English). I've an appointment for juvederm injection the 11th january 2012. I did met 3 doctors, I've choose the one that like to do natural look instead of just plumpimp my face. However, after reading many reviews here, I'm getting nervous and quite afraid to go there, I'm about to cancel my appointment. He suggest me the marionnette lines and maybe (he does'nt want to touch the eyes area) but he suggest a light injection in the tears area. I'm really afraid now. I did have restylane injection 3 years ago done by a surgeon and I was not quite happy ( lumps and it doesn't stay at all, it even accentuate my problem (the injection was nasal part)). First, is this worths it? Is anyone know a good doctor in Quebec city? I did lot of search and cannot see who is the good one in my city... really, I like my face and hownit looks at the moment, Imjust want to look less tired.