• Drea30
  • Atlanta
  • 2 years ago

I'm excited and nervous at the same time.  I hope all goes well.  I can't wait to have a flat stomach and have NOOO rolls on my back.  I'm getting lipo on my entire back,all flanks and my upper adominal as well as a full TT.  Did I mention he is going to take care of my double chin as well.  It's actually not too bad but thought I would take care of that as well.  Plan to go and get everything I need this week so I can be prepared.  I have tons of prescriptions to fill.  I started my liquid diet today.  It's going well so far  If course I'm hungry but I'm drinking plenty of water.  Took my multivitamins.  I went out and got Bromelain to help with swelling and Arnica Montana to help with bruising.  I started taking these today so they can be in my system.  I''ve heard they work really well. Guys please pray for me.  Also, let me know of any items you think I should stock up on.  I'm did read the survival guide and it's awesome.  Congrads to those that have already had there surgery and for those that have surgery dates coming up. I think I will be in lots of pain since I'm having so many areas treated at one time.  That makes me scared.   WHO ELSE IS HAVING SURGERY ON JUNE 1ST????