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2011 - May, June, and July Breast Lifters check in here!

  • 3 years ago

Are you getting a breast lift in May, June, or July of 2011? If so, what cup size are you and what are you going down to? Let's chat here and support each other.

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july 1st I'm getting a breast lift and replacing my old implants.In 2005 i had 400cc on right and 475cc on left.I was a full 34c before implants and a 34ddd after. I wanted a lift the 1st time but my ps talked me into just getting bigger implants not what i wanted. so now i'm getting want i want.
I'm going to get mine done either end of June or July 1st! I'm calling tomorrow morning to schedule, it should be right around that time. I'm a small 34C and I'm not getting any implants or reduction, so I'll probably be around the same or a full B cup. I am 24 years old and have two kids. Ready to get my perky boobs back. I'm SO excited, I can hardly think of anything else! Is this normal??

It's totally normal to get a little preoccupied with it. Surgery and changing your body is a big deal! But you'll pull through it great. Please consider starting your story over in our Breast Lift Review community even before your surgery. Just let us know about your decision process and how you're feeling, etc.

Hope to see you over there and best of luck to you!

Surgery is scheduled for June 30th and pre-op appointment is scheduled for June 21st! Yay, so excited :)
Not yet. Going in about an hour to go through it all. I am tall (5, 7) but quite slim (120lbs) so hopefully the doc can advise me. Surgery is at 8 Paris time. Really nervous now. Will update as soon as I can. Here goes!!
Duh. Meant to post as a reply to other thread. Sorry!
Going in this Friday (20th) for lift with implants. Nervous but excited. Using the same doctor that did my TT so I have total confidence in him. Looking forward to my new boobs :)
I had a lift with implants in March ... best of luck to you!

What size implants are you going with?
Hi JoJo - thanks for asking, I dont know yet. I was thinking a full D cup but people have freaked out when I said that as they said my frame is too small for that size :( how can you know? how did you decide? Any regrets?

Mummy Tummy, Your height and weight makes a huge difference...a full D might look enormous on a petite woman, but more demure on a tall woman. Have you tried different sizers?

Sorry, just seeing this ... I have NO regrets at all!

I went with 375cc HP Mentor placed under the muscle.

I am still measuring a 36DD at the moment, they are still changing and getting much nicer!! :)

Best of Luck!!