June 2011 - Tummy Tuck - 10 things I wish I would have known before surgery

  • RoseJ
  • 3 years ago

1. Healing is patience. I wish I would have known that is takes more than 2 months (and more than likely a year) to have no swelling, to have breasts that are symmetrical and to feel all the areas of numbness.(And I'm still not convinced it will heal and be perfect)

2. The cost of the surgery isn't just the surgery, buying big girl clothes during swelling time (bras, pants underwear), scar medicine, gauzes, and etc etc.

3. I wasn't ready to go back to work in a few weeks. I felt better in 2 months. I couldn't go back to work because I travel each week and the doctor said I should be lifting more than 10 lbs. I am grateful that I was able to take off, but be prepared to not be at your best for 2 months.

4. Be prepared to buy more clothes. Once the swelling started to go down, I bought another garmet compressor that was smaller. Now I need to either sell all my big girl clothes or have them altered.

5. That my sex life would be diffferent. I still feel numbness and swelling, so I don't feel all that I'm attractive right now. I haven't really communicated this to the boyfriend, but I know I should. There are the scars that are right there in front of me - they obviously won't heal over night, but it's difficult. (2 months)

6.That surgery won't make everything perfect - breasts won't be perfect, but they are perky and that's beautiful.

7. To be prepared for the conversation if you don't tell anyone what you did or that someone might notice. I'm going to say that I lost some weight. (you're technically not lying)

8. That the surgery won't hide your enormous thighs and that weight control, food control and exercise are still important.

9. Understand your progress and that's progress is good Month One - weight gain, fatigue, rest June 17-July 15 Month two - July 15-Aug 12 compression, pads Month 3 (12 weeks) - scar treatment, back to work official,  Aug 12-Sept 9 Month 4 - (14-16 weeks - back into jeans, swelling down quite a bit, no compression garments, fill great, back to normal, some swelling, scar treatment daily, continue lympomatic treatment as scarring and congestion in lymph nodes are still evident. This last week I'm getting back into an exercise routine. Stopped lymphmatic massages - too expense

10. That I would still do it again - I feel great that I have a belly button and while I'm not thin - I can wear a bikini and feel good about myself.