Jaw Restriction opening after Surgery

  • ChungSing
  • 2 months ago

Dear All, My son had a jaw alignment surgery 15 JULY, both upper and lower jaws, unluckily he sent to the Theatre urgently 1 AUG due to the right side gum was disconnected and the cell was dead, the plate was exposed outside.    Now he is in recovery stage, not only numbness, but the jaw opening was restricted, he could only open like just a finger to go through.Does anyone have the same issue, and how long it last for?We are so worried fixing up the under-bite, but brought another jaw opening problem after surgery.Thanks for sharing.

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Hello, I hope your son's recovery is going well! I had jaw alignment, upper and lower surgery, on the day after your soon. My jaw opening is still restricted, and I also can only open about one finger's worth. My surgeon told me that with time and a little physical therapy (stretching exercises etc. as he will give me) the jaw slowly returns to the full range of motion. He didn't give me a timeframe but based on my personal progress so far I would think it would take two to three months. I hope that helps!