January Breast Reductions Check In Here...

  • 2 years ago

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hi everybody! so excited just got fitted for a new bra! got some real pretty leopard print and nude bras. 2/$34. i went from 38DDD to 36 C. looks so much better. joined weight watchers lost 35 lbs! a lot better than i was 1 year ago
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my friend told me about the soma brand and she said they were the best fitting ones so i am planning a trip to the outlet mall to get several!
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if you look on their website, you can find the offer code for the 20% off, but not sure that is good at outlets...don't know of an outlet near us...wish we had one!! The buy one get 1/2 off select bras doesn't require an offer code or coupon. I, too, have a friend who swears by their bras (my boss who gave me the gift certificate!! Can't wait to go today and try on some pretty bras, a new experience!!
thanks for the heads up! i will definately check it out. aren't you excited about getting some nice feminine girly bras instead of the industrail kind we had to wear! maybe get new undies to match! that will definately be different haha
I know we all need new bras!! Soma Intimates (usually right next to a Chico's since they are owned by them) is having a sale through today (Feb 14. Some styles of bras are buy one get one 50% off. They have really nice bras (and panties, too...but not cheap). I also got a coupon thru e-mail for $20 of off a $100 purchase. So, am hoping I can combine the offers and get quite a few bras with a gift certificate my boss gave me as a Christmas present (she knew abpout my surgery). Just an FYI for anyone who might like Soma bras!
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it's been 38 days since surgery and i am so happy i had it done. i am going to get some new bras soon, nice ones and can't wait.hope everyone is doing good. i am! i feel like everything is back to normal and these are the breasts i should have been born with. very happy! now let's get winter out of the way and enjoy some sunshine!
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So far, so good! I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Little pain..more soreness (like being engorged when breastfeeding) especially after a long day at work. My 18 year old daughter assures me that each day they look less swollen and are proportionate to the rest of my body. Hope your recoveries are going well too!
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How is everyone doing? Healing going well? Any complications?

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Hi Trixie, healing quite well. Nipple hypersensitivity getting better. Loving my new shape and the uneveness of breasts has improved significantly...not noticeable unless I really look. I do, however,have some areas of discoloration and some areas bear the vertical (I have anchor incisions) that are rather hard...not soft as normal breast tissue. Anyone else have that??
Hi, I had my surgery 3 weeks ago yesterday and thankfully all is going well! Still a bit sore and swollen in spots(especially during the evenings) but overall feeling great & better every day. I'm so happy with my new perkey C's and had fun shopping at Macy's a few days ago! They're doing so good I thought they deserved some new clothes :-)
"near", not "bear" the vertical incision!
I have a couple of hard spots on the incisions on the under side of my breasts. I still have a bit of discoloration from bruising. I have started applying light heat and it seems to be helping with both. Glad you are liking your new look. :)
Hi ladies...I had BR and tummy tuck 3 weeks ago. I have been chatting mostly on tt forum, but only a few there had BR surgery, too. I have a few questions so I thought I's find the Jan. BR girls!

Right after surgery, my nipples did not hurt, though I did have feeling in them right away. Now they do hurt. I have to put gauze in between them and bra or it's really irritating. And if the shower water hits them, oh my!! Wondering if anyone knows how long this hypersensitivity is expected to last.

Also, I bought my own post surgical bra, since I was afraid the hospital/insurance co. wouldn't provide one with enough side compression, which my doc recommended and said would be very important to my eventual shape/outcome. I only wear that at night now since at my post op visit (15 days), ps suggested I get good bras with side support and a good shape to the cup to wear mostly, but they are not comfy at night. He also said underwire would be ok if it didn't bother me and that my size shouldn't change too much that I couldn't be sized now. So I went to a good shop and bought 2 wacoal bras that have the really wide sides and some extra support/padding just to the sides of breasts. I have read, however, that many wear post surgical bras exclusively for several more weeks. But mine doesn't really have a lot of cup shaping and ps said this is important since the eventual shape of my breasts will be determined by a good shaping bra now. I bought an Anita surgical bra...supposedly a very highly recommended one (certainly was exoensive enough!) Any thoughts on this?

Also, my right breast was noticeably larger (I have pics posted on review) right after surgery. It's getting better all the time and I think if they end up at all different, it will be slight. But I did have a red, hard area on right breast to right side of vertical incision. Sent pics to ps and he recommended discontinuing moisturizer, which he had ok's at 15 day visit. I don't think I was having a reaction to that. I was using bio oil and also palmers oil (alternating after each shower) and it felt great and thought it would be good for incisions. Anyone else have this (not really bruising, just a harder red area)? It's not hot to touch, no fever, no pain there, etc. Also has anyone had any bad reaction to bio oil or palmers oil? What is everyone using for moisturizers? I miss this as it felt good on incisions and I think it will help scarring to fade better. Any thoughts? Thanks so much and I will look through posts to get to know you all a bit better! Thanks!!
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oh good i'm glad u are getting better. i am very happy with my outcome. i finaaly looked at them yesterday and i am pleased. it took me a while to even look while i was putting on my bra, i am very squemish. anyway i still wear my bra 24/7. getting back to exercise and walking. i only wish you good things!
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How many days did you wait to begin walking? The absence of winter in So Indiana (and most other places) has me pretty antsy to get out and put in some miles. I race walk (don't run) due to my breasts and back..at least I have in the past. I've worn an Enell bra in the past but needless to say, will pass on to a friend (quite happily!) Did you wear something other than your post-op bra? Of course I'll bow to the recommendation of my PS when I see him tomorrow but just wanted to get input from those of you that have recently walked the the same path.
hi i started walking very slowly, about 2 weeks after my surgery, i went back to jazzercise last thursday which was 3 weeks post-op. i wear my bra all the time now even to bed, but each day gets better. as for excercising i still work up a swat but i don't jump up and down or hop, your body will tell you. i'm not as vigorous as i was before surgery, but i can tell it's getting better. hope so, because i missed my workouts. hope you get an ok from your doc. i had to get out. this jan weather is so dismal....cheers michmom56
Had my surgery one week ago almost to the minute. Everything was easy breezy, until about 7:30pm that evening. I was wheeled back to the OR for emergency surgery on my right breast after something within broke loose and caused a massive hematoma. It was absolutely horrific and has made my recovery very difficult in terms of strenght. And to top it all off, I am not in love with my new boobies. I know everyone's look horrible afterwards, but I have seen no after pictures that look anything like mine. My nipples are up higher, but the PS left ALOT of breast tissue underneath (he mentioned I may have to go back in and have more removed...easy for him to say, my insurance will not cover a revision that is based on appearance)so I may be smaller and in less pain but it will take a lot of emotional healing to overcome looking like this. I have my first post op today at 3:45 and he will remove the drain he had to place within my right breast after the second surgery...not looking forward to feeling that but can't wait to have this drain removed. Sorry for not being more present on here, I wanted to wait until I could explain this without being too negative. I know that time makes a difference, and I have faith that in the end I will be happy with my decision to have this done. Thanks for all the follow up Holly in PA, I felt everyone's prayers for me the day of surgery and it has made a world of difference in my emotions.
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oh i'm so sorry for your troubles. i hope and pray everything works out for you!
Thank you michmom65. I had my first post-op today and the PS removed the drain.....Praise God, I did not feel a thing!! In about 3 months I will be going back in for more surgery, he removed all the tissue that he could without risking blood loss to the nipples, and that created alot of excess skin underneath the aereola. He will go in and remove this skin which will cause my breasts to be more lifted. I'm not sure why he didn't do this in the first place, may have something to do with the Wise pattern that he uses? He assured us that we would not incur further expenses due to this, he has a full surgical center within his office and he will perform the surgery under local anethesia. Inspite of the reality of yet another surgery, I will be very happy to have "prettier" breasts.
Been thinking & praying for you and glad to hear that things are improving for you. I know it's been a tough week for you. Wishing you the very best. Please continue to keep us posted!
Add my prayers to your list of well wishers! Time does and will heal!!
went back to jazzercise on thursday and friday. no pain. i just don't jump as high as i used to, but love getting back to my routine. my friends at class remarked how nice my new :chest" looked, and i believe it was one of the BEST decisions i ever made. can't wait for summer, when i can wear tank tops without spilling over. everyone have a great week! michmom 56
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Hello everyone. I'm home and the surgery went well. I had my drains out this morning. My new IBTs look great and I have more pressure than pain. I'll update my review with specifics when my wonderful hubby stops being a mother hen. Thanks for all the well wishes.
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Hi Trixie, So glad to hear that your surgery went well! It's such a relief when it's finally over & you're starting on the road to recovery. Enjoy your new IBTs. Hubbys can make the best nurses!

Trixie let him be a mother hen for a while:)  Let him wait on you and spoil you all he wants.  Just enjoy for now.