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I am a mother of 4 and my 3rd child was a C-section and my last was natural. My oldest is 19 and my youngest is 15. I have been waiting 15 years to get a tummy tuck. I have been doing research for 15 years. July 17th, the day my oldest was born and the one that I received most of my stretch marks and skin, is the day my waiting and research is over. I am finally able to get my tummy tuck because I have the most awesome husband of 3 years in the world. I would not be doing this without him in all his understanding, love and support. I am not even nervous one bit. I am so excited I changed my original date of July 25th to July 17th because I do not want to wait longer than I have to anymore.  First, when I call looking for a doctor I ask the lady that works with me, "why should I pick your doctor? Tell me, as unbiased as you can, why you think I should give my money and trust to this doctor." So many times they will tell me what they think I want to hear. Because he is just really good. We have had so many happy people. Go check out our website and you will see all the testimonies. He has a great smile. He has this much training and schooling. I could go on but I am not as you get the picture. Gen is the coordinator of the doc I picked and I asked her the same question and the only reason I chose this doctor is because of three things she said that noone else said in the last 2 months that I have been looking. "Dr. Robertson is meticulous, he takes his time, and he pays attention to every detail no matter how small or big. Dr P will not finish until he knows the results are going to be amazing."  I have never heard that from anyone and that is exactly what I wanted to hear. I want a doc thats OCD. I want a doc thats anal about his work and takes great pride in his work and art. Thats what I have been waiting to hear. So, I said, "I pick you." From there Gen was amazing in everything. She even took time with  me when I called just as they were getting ready to close. She didnt tell me to call the next day. She asked what questions I had and what I needed to know. Obviously if she is this willing to help me and take the time the doc is going to be the same way as their behaviors and habits will be whats required for his staff. If he is anal about his work I am sure he is anal about who takes care of the patients that come and see him. If he OCD about his work then I am pretty sure he is going to expect his office to be run the same way. Either way thats what I was looking for and Gen has been amazing. I also asked her if he is willing to work with me on what I think is the best option for where my cut is made. How much of a voice am I in this procedure. She said that he always takes into consideration what the patient has to say and what results they want personally. I am not trying to be the doc but there are just a few things that I would like to be a part of. Like, I dont want my scar cutting across my belly like so many pics that I have seen. I want the cut low enough. I dont care about my scar. Its my scar and I deserve it! I dont care how far around it goes my body. Again, make it as low as possible and close to following the panty line as possible. She said absolutely. That is how he works anyway. Perfect~! Am I being picky? Absolutely! I am asking someone to cut into my body, take some of that living body off, and then replace it with a new piece of body that is going to have to be "with one" on the rest of my body. I am asking someone to remake my tummy. Yeah, I am going to be very, very, very picky, specific and anal myself. This isnt playing dress-up. This is the real thing...and its going to be awesome the first time. Oh, and one more thing. I asked her if he made pretty bellybuttons as I want to wear a bling-bling for the first time EVER in my life and she said, "he makes beautiful bellybuttons!!" =) YES!!!! I am now getting set up for my phone interview and consult with his nurse regarding paperwork, what to expect, side effects of anything, drains, dressings, and labs. Once these are done then all I do is wait for the 16th. I will fly over to Oahu, meet with the doc for my personal and final consult, go have a fantastic time in Waikiki and try to sleep for my big day! I wish I could have made the date sooner but I know there is much to do before that day. I have posted before pics. I am 5'4" and I weigh around 135. I am small boned so anything more than that is considered heavy. As you can tell from the pics I have that infamous kangaroo pouch! Will I miss it? NO! It has been the biggest thorn in my life from trying to find clothes that fit, to buying proper swimwear, to figuring out ways of hiding it in clothes and swimwear, to just being uncomfortable in any standing, sitting, kneeling position you can think of. I~AM~DONE!  Just as a note: My tummy tuck price includes a military discount. Ladies ask if the doc has this option as its not always freely advertised. It also includes lipo and the tightening and contouring of the abdominal muscles themselves, post and pre-op visits no matter how many it takes, and all fees, labs, garments, dressings, etc. As my visits come and go and whatever questions come up, answers that are given, info that is shared I will do my best to bring it here so you all can add it to your own research.    I am so excited~! Katt

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Omg Katt, 2 more days! Mine's 3. Are you trippin or calm? I go back and forth.. Today, I set up my space for post op. A tv room, away from the brood! Sorry, I didn't get right back with you, I've been contemplating starting a blog, so I don't go on n on, on others' boards, but haven't.... so here's that day, my 3rd pre op. I couldn't have been more thrilled! I'm getting a MM, so 2 weeks previously, my Dr. drained my DDD's saline implants, that I was "oh so fond of 13 years ago".. to see what we had left to work with.. holy freak out!!! Skin and Nip.. actually left that day for the beach (a flight to Fla) with these laying on my chest, stomach...! Wish I could see my toes but my belly was still there.. I want to laugh.. As soon as I stood up, got the pre op pics taken Again, and was sent on my merry way. Very strange feeling, but I need to share this part, I felt free!! Because I'm so short, I had a lot going on in the middle, and in an instant, 1/2 the problem was gone! I looked 10 lbs thinner, and felt it also. Fast forward 2 weeks and back to Dr. this is why I'm thrilled.. come to find out, instead of needing to use Strattice for not bottoming out, (google) and a smaller implant for volume, plus the lift, All I need is the LIFT!!! Mastopexy, here I come!! So Happy!! And the fat that my belly has so lovingly held onto will be shared with my breast tissue now!! I know this will be painful, but just knowing I could actually have a flat tummy and normal perky breasts again, I'm All IN!! Please, let me know how your doing, I'm sure great! You have a wonderful attitude!
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This is your last weekend!!
Live it
I hope you have painless happy healing
You have a great shape so your going to have terrific results!
Good luck to you!
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Katt!! I'm excited for you! I have my final consult today to finalize breast size.. I'm 5' 130lbs. Mid section has taken the hit so I'm getting tt lipo bl w revision. 34 ddd is so over rated in my oppinion :). I'm ready for a flat belly and smaller happy boobies! My kids are 21, 14, 12. I totally can relate to your story, and being reminded to ask those questions is crucial for me today. I made the mistake by going w/o my husband twice. I won't do it again, sounds corny to say, but I'm way more at ease asking the ??'s when he's there. Thank you for the shout!! I'll let ya know how it goes today :)
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