Does Anyone Know if Its Possible to Get a Breast Lift and a Tummy Tuck for Around $8,000?

  • cythia
  • 2 years ago

Seems to me like more and more people are leaving the country to get stuff done. I know 3 people personally that have done it and have had great results, it still scares me though, but I can not afford the 15- 20,000$ it would cost me here.

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I went in for my pre-op today and it was $1000 more because originally I wanted saline but the front desk didn't see that the doctor recommended silicone. Just thought you would like to know. I DID get a 2.5% discount off the package for paying cash instead of credit so that helped a little.
Just sent you a PM
thanks for your reply! would you mind emailing me info on how to get in touch with the office in Utah? Im in Az and it would not be too bad to go to utah to get this done.
thank u!
My PS quoted me $9800 for full tummy tuck, lollipop breast lift with silicone implants. Medications will be about $200. I got $1000 discount for doing 3 procedures at once. I'm in Utah where prices are lower than the national average. Hope that helps!