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Is itching expected after tummy tuck?

  • Debo.Simran
  • 2 years ago

Hi, I have read lot of posts and reviews about Tummy Tuck in this forum and most of them are happy with their result after TT. I am planning to get my tummy tuck done and doing lots of research on the same. I just came across posts about itching after tummy tuck. Many of them who have undergone Tummy Tuck have posted that they are having severe itching inside the abdomen. I never knew about this and after reading these posts am really afraid of getting the tummy tuck done. If itching persists to such an extent after tummy tuck then I really feel that I do not want to go for it. Please advice and suggest me should I go for tummy tuck or not and is this itching expected after TT? I do not want any problems or complications after TT. Has any one in this forum experienced itching after TT?  

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Thanks yellow bikini for sharing the information.
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I have the inside itch but that is a sign that my nerves are healing. Pocahontas is right everyone will heal and experience the TT diferrently.So far the itching isn't unbearable. If it gets really bad I take a allergy pill and it seems to stop the itching. Hope this answer helps.
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Hi!! just wanted to tell you that you CAN'T never ever compare yourself your body to anyone, everybody reacts different to any procedure, itching is a sign of healing don't be afraid, just go to your consult and write down all your questions who better than your PS he can tell what he sees the most with his patients and go from there... many people might get itchy because they have allergic reaction to the pain med, or the compression garment makes them itch who knows!!! I'm 6 weeks post TT with lipo and the compression garment makes me itch because is tight , I never felt inside itch ...hope this helps but ask your PS please....:)
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