Issues with going smaller after breast implants?

  • Raquelle
  • Toronto
  • 4 years ago

Got saline implants 9 years ago (Large34C -325CC). Breastfed and now I’d like to be 34B. My doctor suggested a lift (with nipple revision) and the new gel moderate plus (equivalent to 325). I'm good with recommendations but want smaller implant like a 250 (not sure equivalent in gel).

Consultant said not possible and sited width of the original implant as problem. Boobs would be too far apart. Alternative seems to be removing the implant with lift but I think a little volume would be nice. Can’t they just use 200 or 255. I don’t understand the issue is?

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i just had breast revision surgery to change to a smaller size now i think i might need a lift. i went from 400cc in right breast and 380 cc in left saline high profile implant to 325cc right and 300cc left silicone moderate plus. even though they feel so much softer & real they have some rippling in the clevage area and sag a little its only been 11 days since my surgery my dr says to just keep wearing support bra for a couple of weeks.

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