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some issues with my eye lashes ...

  • cristofar
  • 1 year ago

Hi, Am having some issues with my eye lasses …I want to make it a bit longer thinking  to start taking Idol Lash… can anyone tell me is it safe ??? I found some information’s about it at Can some one suggest me that its true or not…

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I am interested in the website, I am taking on the product, the best and world approved product I know is careprost. This product is sold by different brand names in different geographical location.
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Lower and upper eye lashes act as a natural shield against several environmental factors including dust particles, extreme weather, sun rays, wind and sweat for eyes. Apart from being a protection barrier, human eyelashes also add to the beauty of the eyes. In women thick, black and long eyelashes are considered attractive and impart tint of femininity. Eyelashes enhance overall beauty and appearance of the eyes. In most of the cultures long, black and thick eyelashes plays significant role in building positive psychological effect and impressive physical appearance on others. However condition like eyelashes hypotrichosis can significantly deteriorate the beauty quotient of eyes. Condition of abnormally low density of hair is known as Hypotrichosis. This particular condition is due to growth of vellus hair (hair that develops during childhood) in that body part where terminal hair (long, dark, thicker and stronger hair) should have grown. Whereas condition of less than normal amount of eyelashes is known as eyelashes hypotrichosis. Eyelashes hypotrichosis can be due to compulsive habit of pulling hair or due to physical trauma/surgery comprising the face, eye. Careprost is prescribed for growing fuller, longer and darker eyelashes. Active ingredient present in Careprost is bimatoprost, a synthetic prostaglandin analogue. It is structurally identical to prostaglandin F2α
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I took a look at the website you referenced and it looks like a page marketing the product, so I would read it as advertising meant to promote the product.

Here is a Q&A where the board certified doctors who volunteer on RealSelf have shared their opinions on Idol Lash vs Latisse:

I've Been Using Latisse for 2 Months, is It Okay That I Switch to IDOL LASH?

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