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I had 3 IPLs! and on the 3rd the setting was way higher and its been 2 weeks and my cheeks are still red and I have some marks!

  • Val in CT
  • New Britain, CT
  • 2 years ago

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cveroleyva- I forgot to mention that I am also using pro heal serum from is clinical It seems to calm things down a bit! good stuff

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You're going to have to stay out of the sun for at least a good 6 months, no joke. Elta MD 46 is a fantastic sunblock, ask your derm for it or sometimes spas sell the brand too. Just baby your skin, a derm prescribed finicea for me too a while back, before I saw the derm I'm seeing now. He had me get off the finicea and stick to sunblock if i had to go out, and cerave. I waited one year post my damage and he put me on hydroquione which helped significantly improve my coloring, but with rosecea I don't know if that will be a problem.
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She really didn't say too much! +But she said it didn't appear to be *burned! When I got at the office my cheeks were bright red from just driving a few miles! I had suncreen piled on to the max too! she said it looked like rosecea and gave me a script for Finicea! My next appt is in 2 months! She is hoping the medication will help with the hypergimention too! I said to her "Isn't the IPL suppose to help with the rosecea?" She looked at me like yea But..... lol not in your case :P +The marks are somewhat fading but I have the red cheek and hyperpigmention! I don't know how I am to stay out of the sun completely! because the sun seems to really aggravate my condition! even with a high SPF! ANY SUGGESTIONS?
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I went to my appt today and the PA kind of got defensive with me at first! Telling me I signed something that said the healing time can take 6 to 8 weeks! Never really admitted that she set the setting too high! kind of said it was normal to go higher the 3rd time around! But she admitted she would not do it that high again because of my redness and swelling! do not know if the extra pigmentation will fade or not! she took more pics and told me to come back in weeks to see any improvement! I felt she spent more time defending herself that reassuring ME! She also said since she went deeper with the setting that the pigmentation was still coming up! She did not agree with me using the term agressive lol! then what should i call it? Nonetheless I called my dermatologist and have an appt tomorrow ! at least maybe I can get some real answers! fingers crossed
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I'm sorry to hear you didn't feel very well cared for. :-/ Please let us know what your dermatologist says.

A medspa did this! A have an appt today at my request! I still have like red marks and uneven pigmentation after 2 weeks! I didn't have this even at the 2nd IPL! My was so happy with the results until the 3rd one! When she was doing the IPL treatment the 3rd time I felt a severe stinging that I did not feel with the first 2! She then told me she upped the settings! I don't understand why when I responded so well to a lower setting and I felt I really didn't even need another treatment! My skin was clear and even! I'm afraid they are going to say this is fine or kind of blow it off! But you know what you look like you see it everyday ! I'm scared!
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It also feels like the texture changed a bit too in some spots! Kind of crepy or the elastic of the skin has changed! I'm wondering if this really will heal with time or if it will get worst!

Who did the IPL for you, a doctor or a technician? Have you had a chance to discuss this with them?

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