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Would Invisalign Express work to correct only one crooked tooth?

  • 2640anon
  • Kansas
  • 4 years ago

According to my dentist, I don't really need braces because I only have one crooked front tooth. However, I do a great deal of public speaking and would like to correct it. Would Invisaline Express be able to do so?

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Is anyone else having issues with bad breath? My husband tells me that my breath (never bad before) is not good with the trays in.
I bought the new cleaner that cleans them with UV rays, and like it because it's easy and fast.
I do brush and floss after every time I eat. Any ideas on other ways of cleaning the trays besides brushing by hand? Like soaking them in hydrogen peroxide, maybe? Thanks for any advice!

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There was a question in the Q&A section that asked if it was ok to use breath spray with Invisalign, but there is some information about bad breath as well, so it may have some helpful tips for you. Click here to see the dentists answers.

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express is around $3500- 4000.
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Would Invisaline Express be worth it? My teeth aren't that bad, I would just like to get them corrected for cosmetic reasons. Would it be worth it? Approximately how much does it cost?

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