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Whether to Use Invisalign or Not?

  • Larry703
  • 2 years ago

I've gone to three consultations regarding Invisalign.  To really correct my teeth alignment I was told I should have braces and Jaw Surgery to fix my bite.  Two of the three doctors said it's still okay using Invisalign to straighten my teeth.  The third says that changing my alignment with Invisalign could further increase the wear on my teeth and only recommends jaw surgery.  I'm stuck trying to decide what to do.

Sorry I don't have a picture, but only my lower front teeth have really noticeably shifted.  My top teeth look pretty good.  I did have braces before and am sad that I'm still in a place where people are telling me I need to have jaw surgery and braces again. 

Anyway, I need to decide between doing anything at all.  If I do, there is a premiere Invisalign doctor who is pretty expensive but has the experience.  My orthodontist recently started with Invisalign and I trust him going to him for a long time.  He's much less expensive but does not have the experience.  He seems confident about being able to help me though and it's nice if I have any teeth problems he's right there. I feel stuck, and have been weighing my decision over for months.  I just am not willing to pursue jaw surgery so at this point it's Invisalign or not doing anything at all.  If I do it it seems in my situation I should lean towards the premiere doctor.  Then it just seems like a lot of money for a cosmetic change.  Any thoughts and advice would be appreciated.  Thanks!