Is Invisalign's Disney promotions undermining the expertise of a doctor, or the choice of a parent?

  • Megan P
  • 3 years ago

In this article (click here), in the last paragraph down you will read "Because Invisalign Teen is sponsoring the event, there will be doctors there to examine whether kids can switch to Invisalign braces." The event being referred to is a free concert being put on by Radio Disney. The word "switch" implies that the kid is already in another form of treatment, ie traditional braces.

This leaves two questions:

1) Could this create conflict between a parent who chose traditional braces for one reason or another and a child who sees the marketing information and now wants to switch?

2) Is this kind of promotion undermining the expertise of the doctor the child is already seeing for care?

It would be interesting to know what diagnostic tools will be used to asses if the child is a candidate for this switch. Will x-rays and dental impressions be taken at the concert?