Invisalign retainers

  • ikeiil
  • 2 years ago

I started my retainers today and they are as snug as a new set of trays. I also noticed when I took them off after 12 hours I had a loose tooth. This happened before after new trays, but is it normal to happen when starting retainers? Thanks in advance.

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No, I wore my last trays right up until my retainer came in. It's starting to not fit so snug so we shall see how this goes. Other then that, I am SO happy with my teeth!
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I noticed you posted this in the Q&A section as well, which is perfect so we can hear the opinions of the dentists and orthodontists who volunteer on here.

Did you go a few days without your trays before getting your retainers? If so it could be that your teeth shifted slightly and the retainers are pushing them back into alignment.

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