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Invisalign, refinement, sore teeth and jaw, and my teeth still don't match the plan

  • Koby0804
  • Oahu Island, HI
  • 5 months ago

I am a 41 year old male that started invisalign over a year ago to open up a tight bite in my front teeth. I grind my teeth and wore a lot of my front teeth away in the back. My issues started after a dentist added resin to my the back of my front teeth from the wear of my grinding which then caused my front teeth to always hit and become sore. Despite several adjustments my jaw would always shift forward and my front teeth would hit. A went to a well respected dentist that fixed me with a kois deprogrammer to check my bite and that seemed to stop my front teeth hitting, but they were still always sore, so we opted for invisalign to give me more space between my front teeth and open up my deep bite as well as give me some overjet, as I had virtually none. After the first round of 10 trays, my front teeth were hitting heavily despite the plan, and all my mouth and teeth felt sore all the time including my jaw muscles. We reasoned it was from heavy clenching at night...makes sense. My dentist always seemed to brush off my concerns, so I then consulted with another orthodontist who said she would advice my dentist on the refinement to help with a plan to open my anterior bite a bit, tighten my molar contacts, give me more overjet and give quality spacing between my front top and bottom teeth. The refinements were ten more trays. I have more overjet and my teeth look great, but as before all my teeth are constantly sore, my jaw muscles are sore most of the time, and despite the plan and depiction of the clincheck to give me space between my front teeth do they don't hit, they still do. I am on my last aligned and my dentist plans to finish my treatment and fix me with a retainer. He basically stated he will just shave some front teeth away to make room and all is done. My front teeth are thin enough and the whole reason I got invisalign was to move my teeth so I have room to restore my front teeth, not shave more off. I don't understand why my final result does not give me the result the clincheck and plan was designed give me. My only guess from research would be that my heavy clenching at night may have caused intrusion of my posterior teeth, although it doesn't appear that I have a posterior open bite, or if I do it's very mild. My dentist pretty much says he has done all he can and my teeth look good. I plan to argue with him and demand he find a solution to remedy my concerns and issue with my front teeth still hitting. If he doesn't  I will have to spend another 5000 dollars to start over with an orthodontist with more experience. All my teeth are constantly sore stilI . I asked this question on realself, but I have not gotten a response from any doctors yet. Does anyone have  advice or experiences that can relate to mine.