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Invisalign, refinement, sore teeth and jaw, and my teeth still don't match the plan

  • Koby0804
  • Oahu Island, HI
  • 4 months ago

I am a 41 year old male that started invisalign over a year ago to open up a tight bite in my front teeth. I grind my teeth and wore a lot of my front teeth away in the back. My issues started after a dentist added resin to my the back of my front teeth from the wear of my grinding which then caused my front teeth to always hit and become sore. Despite several adjustments my jaw would always shift forward and my front teeth would hit. A went to a well respected dentist that fixed me with a kois deprogrammer to check my bite and that seemed to stop my front teeth hitting, but they were still always sore, so we opted for invisalign to give me more space between my front teeth and open up my deep bite as well as give me some overjet, as I had virtually none. After the first round of 10 trays, my front teeth were hitting heavily despite the plan, and all my mouth and teeth felt sore all the time including my jaw muscles. We reasoned it was from heavy clenching at night...makes sense. My dentist always seemed to brush off my concerns, so I then consulted with another orthodontist who said she would advice my dentist on the refinement to help with a plan to open my anterior bite a bit, tighten my molar contacts, give me more overjet and give quality spacing between my front top and bottom teeth. The refinements were ten more trays. I have more overjet and my teeth look great, but as before all my teeth are constantly sore, my jaw muscles are sore most of the time, and despite the plan and depiction of the clincheck to give me space between my front teeth do they don't hit, they still do. I am on my last aligned and my dentist plans to finish my treatment and fix me with a retainer. He basically stated he will just shave some front teeth away to make room and all is done. My front teeth are thin enough and the whole reason I got invisalign was to move my teeth so I have room to restore my front teeth, not shave more off. I don't understand why my final result does not give me the result the clincheck and plan was designed give me. My only guess from research would be that my heavy clenching at night may have caused intrusion of my posterior teeth, although it doesn't appear that I have a posterior open bite, or if I do it's very mild. My dentist pretty much says he has done all he can and my teeth look good. I plan to argue with him and demand he find a solution to remedy my concerns and issue with my front teeth still hitting. If he doesn't  I will have to spend another 5000 dollars to start over with an orthodontist with more experience. All my teeth are constantly sore stilI . I asked this question on realself, but I have not gotten a response from any doctors yet. Does anyone have  advice or experiences that can relate to mine.

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So get this...So I saw my dentist today regarding my treatment and my issues. He had plans to finish my treatment but I called yesterday and stated that I wanted a refinement as my front teeth were still hitting and they shouldn't be. When I got seated into the dental chair, he came over and asked what the issue was, I stated to him I wasn't satisfied with how my bite felt, that my left incisor and lateral incisor were hitting and that was not the plan or what the clincheck we approved displayed. I told him I was uncomfortable shaving or grinding contact points on my front teeth as they were thin already from past grinding issues. He checked my teeth with the contact paper and showed me where they were hitting. He then plainly said, " we'll I honestly don't know what more I can do to help you, I suggest you go consult an orthodontist because I don't know what more I can do" . I was astonished. I again stated that my results are not that of the clincheck display and that obviously my bite was not what the treatment plan predicted. I said, we'll I have been researching some stuff on my potential issue, could it be possible intrusion of posterior molars from heavy clenching, as I read that could be a possibility why my front teeth are hitting, and I am a clencher At night. He stated " I don't know". No more said. Okay, , so then I stated "we'll you can call dr. -------. As I had paid her to consult you after the initial treatment and to help for this refinement (since he seemed lost then), and she said she was happy to help you with my treatment if you needed it. He stated " you can go get another consultation with her if you want and she can call me and tell me what she thinks". Again just astonished on his lack of desire to find a reason to my issue, and lack of final results we had. Then I stated, we'll, are we then terminating treatment and you recommending I see someone else ? He then stated" I suggest you go get a consultation from a orthodontist, I can suggest a few I know, and then have them call me and tell me what they think. " again surprised he had no desire to find an answer to the issue himself by calling colleagues or even going to the invisalign troubleshooting website (which they do have, I read it) . So then I asked, we'll my wife has a friend that is a proffesor of orthodontics and a darn good orthodontist himself in Mexico City ( where she was from), could I have some digital copies of my clincheck for him to see.He the stated " well that's all on the cloud, I wouldn't know how to make copies of it on a disk, I can barely work my iPhone, if he has access to the invisalign website he can possibly get your data from there. again, need I say it,just plain astonished on his lack of willingness to help me. I then say, we'll...should I just keeping wearing my last alligner? He said, "if you don't your teeth will shift back, it should be fine for a month or so". Then that was that.....I am left in limbo to go get other consultations with orthodontists, to direct them to call him, still wearing buttons and stuff on my teeth and in my last alligner with now direct assistance from him what so ever. I don't get it, I thought if doctors are stumped, they are supposed to call colleagues, look up and find solutions to help their patients, if they can't give them clear direction in which to resolve the solution. I feel abandoned and left to find the solutions for him to treat me, I am so disappointed and astonished at this type of behavior from a dr. I entrusted and paid to help me. I know no with out a doubt he really has no idea of how to use invisalign other then making molds and letting invisalign do all the work. For those of you considering a dentist for invisalign, don't, go to a board certified orthodontist with elite class in invisalign.
So I went to an orthodontist today to see what he thought about my teeth and treatment. He is a top 1% invisalign provider and board certified ortho. He reviewed my teeth and bite in the chair and from my description of having to pull my jaw back for molar contact and front teeth hitting , sore jaw, ect. He stated my treatment shouldn't be finished and that indeed I am not crazy . He stated my molars need erupted as they were intruded using invisalign causing a change in outcome different then the clincheck. He stated it happens often and that he can fix it with my existing invisalign package with another refinement. I just need to transfer my case to him. He is not charging me a dramatic amount either and is happy to talk with my existing dentist to transfer the case and tell of his findings. I am so relieved. I am also releived I trusted my gut and did not let my dentist do a full mouth equalibration like he wanted. If he did that my bite and teeth would really then be screwed up without repair . If any of you readers don't feel like your bite is right and your teeth don't match up in a dramatic way, follow your gut and find a good top notch orthodontist with tons of experience. I will tell you all of my progress after I get through transferring my case and starting refinment .
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